IVF & Egg Donation Blog

If you think of becoming an egg donor, you might feel confused about the whole process and unsure whether you are ready for it. The best way to understand how egg donations happen is to break the process down into separate steps.

You apply to become an egg donor.

We review your application.

If your application is accepted, you make it into our donor database and eventually become selected by intended parents.

You undergo medical screening.

Paperwork is done to legalize the egg donation process.

You start the injections necessary to enable egg retrieval.

The actual egg retrieval happens.

You may have heard your female friend or relative mention that they are about to become an egg donor, and you may have felt compelled to find out more facts about egg donation process.

Having done some research, you probably feel even more confused than you were in the beginning because of the sheer amount of sometimes contradictory information available online.

We understand your problem and we want you to be sufficiently familiar with the egg donation process before you decide whether you would like to be an egg donor or not.

While egg donation is not overly complicated and demanding, it still calls for a certain level of responsibility and dedication to the cause to be a good egg donor.