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Want to find a perfect surrogate mother? Colombia could be your one-stop destination. The state`s government claims that family and parenting are of foremost importance. That is why they have created a fruitful legal and social ground for IVF and surrogacy in all its manifestations. Being accessible and affordable at the same price, it attracts thousands of medical tourists from all over the globe.

What is Surrogacy

Surrogacy is the process of carrying and giving birth to a baby by a third-party woman, i.e. a surrogate mother. The main peculiarity of the process is the fact that intended parents get all legal rights for a newborn baby. There are several types of surrogacy – traditional one means that the surrogate mother`s oocytes are used during the fertilization, in the case of gestational surrogacy biological (genetic) parents provide their own oocytes and sperm or use biological material of independent donors. During surrogacy, doctors make embryo transfer via IVF.

What You Should Know About Surrogacy in Colombia

To show you Colombia’s comprehensive and inclusive framework regarding surrogacy, we should discuss the following points.

Type and purpose of surrogacy

There is currently consensus among researchers that there are only two types of surrogacy modalities: the traditional (full) and the gestational (partial). Also, there is this agreement regarding its purpose, which may be commercial or altruistic. Both types are legal and fully supported by the law. However, most people opt for gestational surrogacy programs to minimize legal issues. In this case, a pregnant mother only carries a fetus, which is not genetically related to her (i.e., the oocyte and sperm are from the genetic parents or donors).

Rights and obligations of the pregnant surrogate mother

State, clinics, and international organizations on surrogacy regulate the rights and obligations of surrogate mothers. All surrogates have to sign a contract with the intended parents and verify their informed consent regarding medical risks of the future practice. The law also establishes a limitation to the number of times she can become a surrogate mother, previous pregnancies, psycho-physical characteristics, and an age that does not imply a high-risk pregnancy.

Rights and obligations of the intended parents

Fortunately, Colombia does not impose any limitations on marital status. Therefore, married couples and single people can eventually use surrogacy services. Of course, all intended parents have to pass a prior psychosocial study and have full medical and legal support in their country of residence. A surrogacy agreement should state the baby`s nationality and other details.

Colombian Laws for IVF, Egg Donation, and Surrogacy

In Colombia, every man and woman has equal rights and can become parents via IVF and surrogacy. There is no room for discrimination of any kind, that`s why, Colombia has become one of the perfect destinations for single parents, and LGBT couples. Same-sex parents have the same rights and obligations, as heterosexual parents.

In Colombia, they don’t have birth certificates. They have a baby ID. The baby ID does not include father and mother names, it only says parents. So if the baby has only one genetic parent (or it’s a single man or woman) – only his/her name will be added there. I.e. no need to add a surrogate mother to the birth certificate.

Surrogacy in Colombia is fully legal according to the decision of the Constitutional Court and in the latest report of the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) (Surveillance,2019. Global Reproductive Health, 2019). Currently, there are approximately 25 specialized centers in the country dedicated to offering treatments for couples with reproductive health problems, including the application of surrogacy within Assisted Human Reproduction Techniques (ART).

How Much Does Surrogacy and IVF Cost in Colombia?

Colombia is a well-known destination for commercial surrogacy. The main reason for it is the affordable surrogacy cost. The price for a surrogacy program in Colombia starts from $47900. Additionally, intended parents can use oocyte shipping, FET (frozen embryo transfer), or even choose a ready-ty-travel egg donor who can come to Bogota in order to participate in the IVF program with fresh eggs. The prices for all these three options are as follows.

Egg donor fee
Program cost
Traveling egg donors, who come to Bogota for IVF program with fresh oocytes
egg donor fee from $9500
IVF starts from $3400
Eggs shipping (all oocytes that doctors get during the retrieval)
egg donor fee from $5950
shipping fee starts from $4500
Surrogacy program for married couples and single parents in Colombia with full legal support included
from $47900

Best IVF Doctors in Colombia and Top Colombian Clinics

Doctor José Pablo Saffón Cuartas is one of the best fertility experts in Colombia and a leading doctor of the Novafem Fertility clinic with whom we partner in Colombia.

Dr. José is a Sexologist with a private practice in Bogotá Colombia. Graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana as a Physician and Surgeon, he has an MBA in Health Services Pompeu Fabra University / Gaspar Casal Foundation, – Madrid Barcelona. Spain 2010, with a Master of Science, Fellow of The European Committee of Sexual Medicine, Union Européenne Des Médecins Spécialites UEMS – Lisbon, Portugal 2016 and a Master in Sexual Health and Clinical Sexology at the UNED University in Madrid, Spain.

He is a member of the International Society for Clinical Sexology (ISSM), the European Society for Clinical Sexology (ESSM), and the YoSeMA (Young Sexual Medicine Academy) affiliate of the ESSM.

He is the author of the academic book ‘Main sexual dysfunctions in women, a multidisciplinary approach,’ and a specialist in personal and commercial relations with the health sector. Find his publications on Research Gate, or contact us if you want to start your fertility journey guided by Dr. José

Frequently Asked Questions about IVF and Surrogacy in Colombia

Look through the most frequently asked questions about IVF and surrogacy in Colombia or contact us for any additional queries. All consultations are free.

Do Colombian laws allow single-parent surrogacy?

Yes, single men and women have the same rights as married couples and can claim their right to use ART and other fertility services, which include but are not limited to IVF and surrogacy.

Do you provide legal support for surrogacy in Colombia?

Yes, we have a team of local lawyers and help our clients to prepare all the necessary documentation, as well as sign the contract with the chosen surrogate mother.

Can you ship donor eggs or oocytes to Colombia?

Sure. We fully understand that it can be more convenient for you to perform the egg retrieval and fertilization process in your country and ship the resulting embryos to Colombia. The price for secure shipping starts from $4500. The shipping covers all oocytes/embryos you have gained.

Can I choose a surrogate mother before starting the program?

Yes, at the moment we have 15+ surrogate mothers ready for the programs. Our match experts will help you find the best fit, make an appointment and schedule calls with several candidates.

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