Benefits of Working with Us

Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center

We are sure that you are going to benefit from working with us. We are the best egg donation and surrogacy center, and here is why:


The database of our center includes over 500 real donors that want to help you make your dream of having a baby come true. All the participants are in good health and have detailed information in their profiles.


We offer robust guarantees so that patients can feel secure and confident in the positive outcome of the donor egg acquisition procedure.


We offer high-quality donor eggs at reasonable prices. Our egg donation and surrogacy center is known to provide reasonably priced services, yet our success rates are comparable to those of more expensive egg banks.


Our egg donation center offers a full cycle of services. We will help patients find their ideal donor and support them throughout the whole duration of the egg acquisition process. We are also happy to provide financing services for your patients, as well as take care of egg shipping and supply practice eggs for you.

Sunshine center for egg donation and surrogacy is a reputable egg donation agency that always follows the latest trends and techniques in reproductive medicine industry to serve you with innovative solutions so you could become a parent.

Why Choose Our Surrogacy & Egg Donation Center

Sunshine egg donation and surrogacy center is the best place for you to find an efficient solution for your family complement. We are always careful and attentive to your desires and have a broad variety of services so you could pick a perfectly suitable one for your situation. The specialists from our egg donation center are waiting for you to provide expert consultation, help you select a convenient program, and start your parenthood as soon as possible.

We’re Trustworthy

Being a reliable center for egg donation and surrogacy, we are proud of our reputation and a strong partnership with leading clinics for reproductive medicine. With 10 years of experience, our egg donation and surrogacy center is happy to meet new patients to show them that the way to a happy family is easy and fast.

Individual Approach

No doubt, all people are different. Every patient who comes to our center for egg donation and surrogacy is unique. The one has a diverse point of view, personality, health characteristics, and, of course, a truly significant situation. Thus, Sunshine egg donation center surrounds everyone who needs help in family complement with a personalized consultation, treatment solutions, support, and supervision. The whole process of participating in the chosen program is arranged up to your needs and preferences. The team of our experts coordinates you with every step you make during the program. Our egg donation and surrogacy center is ready to inform you about the progress on every stage and to assist you whenever you need.

Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center with Excellent Results

Having over 1000 successfully-completed programs, Sunshine uses only the latest methods and techniques that appear in reproductive medicine. We stand for top-quality service and provide our clientele with efficient results that allow them to become happy parents. Feel free to compare the statistic data of our egg donation and surrogacy center with other agencies. We, at Sunshine egg donation center, are ready to answer all your questions.

We’re On The Same Wavelength

We understand that you go through a diversity of emotions when looking for solutions to forget about infertility. Thus, it is crucial to make sure the person on the other end of the phone really knows your situation and is proficient enough to provide you with the solution. With Sunshine center for egg donation and surrogacy, you can calm down. The professionals who take part as your personal managers and program coordinators speak different languages, and so, you can feel the relief from being understood and supported. You will have no language barrier with acknowledged specialists from our egg donation center. We can help you to become a parent wherever you are.

Safety & Privacy

At Sunshine center for egg donation and surrogacy, we not only guarantee the quality of services we provide but also pledge that all the data you leave or look for working with us is secure. We take care of your formal requests, program details, etc., as well as we keep our egg donors database private. Doing this way, we prove the reliability of our center and ensure that your infertility issues will be hidden from others. Our egg donation and surrogacy center is a team of professionals who understand their main mission without any doubt.

Only You Decide When To Start

When it comes to infertility, it is not easy to make the right decision on what to do. Sunshine makes you forget about any possible limitations. Take your time to learn more about the full range of services, to select the one that is perfect for your issue, to find an egg donor that meets your requirements, to start a program, whatever. Our egg donation center saves you from any stress and confusion. You do not need to wait in line to start the necessary procedures. With our egg donation and surrogacy center, everything is on the go for your comfort.

Parenthood To Every Family

A happy family is vital for everyone. Therefore, we at Sunshine are happy to assist families, singles or couples with any sexual orientation. Having a tremendous experience in reproductive medicine, our fertility agency welcomes every patient who wants to become a parent. Sunshine egg donation center provides a variety of services to help as much as possible in any particular case. Begin your way to parenthood together with us today!

Our Partners

Meet our soulmates who, as well as our egg donor agency, stand for happy families that have no idea about any infertility problems anymore. We are really proud of the partnership that allows us to help people enjoy parenting.


Lotus Fertility Cambodia is an IVF clinic that provides comprehensive fertility treatment solutions for patients. They boast a trained medical team that is ready to help you beat infertility in the most efficient and easy way. Being a partner of Sunshine, Lotus Fertility Cambodia is an expert in everything related to childbirth.


Metro IVF Malaysia is a reputable IVF clinic that offers Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) to clients. The clinic has only acknowledged scientists who are happy to share with you their knowledge base. Together with our center for egg donation and surrogacy, Metro IVF Malaysia stands for making families around the globe full and happy


Miracle IVF is a team of skilled professionals who serve their clientele with the latest fertility technologies. As well as Sunshine egg donation and surrogacy center, Miracle IVF center has a team of professionals who provide fertility treatment services to different couples and singles from all over the world.


Repromeda is a reproductive medicine clinic that provides clients with friendly specialists and atmosphere, confidential approach, advanced technologies and treatment methods, and a high level of professionalism. The clinic also specializes in prevention of congenital developmental disorders and rare diseases.


European Medical Center is a private clinic in Moscow with international accreditation. The center boasts a team of skilled doctors and provides the diagnosis and 56 treatment directions. Being a partner of EMC, Sunshine center for egg donation and surrogacy is happy to mention that this center has 29 years of experience and thousands of patients.


Being a partner of Sunshine egg donation and surrogacy center, GMS clinic stands for international medical services standards and so boasts specialists who trained abroad. This is a multidisciplinary medical center that provides all kinds of medical services and is ready to assist patients 24/7.

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