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Welcome To The Best Asian Egg Donors Agency

If you are exhausted because of infertility and can’t imagine your further life without a baby, you’ve got to the right place. Sunshine Asian egg donor agency is a dedicated team of professionals helping couples, single men and women. Our goal is to help you to treat infertility in the most effective way and with the best Asian egg donors. We are proud to welcome singles and couples of all sexual orientations. Our agency boasts 10 years of experience in the Asian egg donation industry and, for today, we have more than 1000 successfully-completed programs. We have offices in Bangkok and Moscow, and we work in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Russia.

Reliable Asian Egg Donation Services

In response to the growing need for a nationwide database of diverse egg donors, Sunshine Asian egg donor agency was launched to assist patients with their wish to have a baby. Choose the egg donor that is perfect for you from our Asian egg donation database to become a parent. We are here to provide all the tools and support you need to start your path to parenthood. We have a wide selection of high-quality Asian egg donors. These donors are non-anonymous, so you can select from among the traits you are looking for. Our donors travel to Laos, Cambodia, China, and Macao.

Our Values

The complete and happy family is s thing that we all want to reach in our life. When something goes wrong with family accession, nothing can make you feel alive and excited. We know how crucial it is to become a parent and to experience the amazing process of raising a child from an infant to a kind personality that you are proud of. That is why we serve you with the most comprehensive Asian egg donors database and broad Asian egg donation services. Therefore, you can pick the one that will help you to go through all these unforgettable feelings. Our Asian egg donor agency provides you with the best services knowing and understanding the colossal importance of this purpose.

Our Mission

Being a leading Asian egg donors agency, we consider our work as a hobby that makes people worldwide feel happy about their human being. Our chief mission is to provide you with a first-class service, support, and solution that will bring a healthy baby to your family. The Asian egg donation services we provide are diverse and so allow you to select the one that perfectly meets your conditions and budget. Our professional team is ready to assist you at any time to determine all the details about our egg donation program and the egg donation process in general.

What Makes Our Asian Egg Donor Agency Special

We know how you feel when looking for Asian egg donors for your future family complement. The process is vital on every stage. That is why it is so important to find the best agency that will provide you with the most convenient service. The experts from Sunshine devoted their life and career to serve hundreds of couples worldwide with a warm assistance and help in solving infertility problems and fulfilling families. In fact, there are several features that make our Asian egg donation services stand out. You are very welcome to see them below.


Ovarian Hyperstimulation

At an initial phase of all IVF programs, a patient takes fertility medicines that stimulate the ovaries to make an increased quantity of eggs. Based on the woman’s age, her medical history and results of the initial ultrasound and hormonal evaluations, our fertility treatment center develops a personalized protocol to monitor and track ongoing results of blood tests and ultrasound examinations.


Egg Retrieval Procedure

When the eggs are pending to become mature, doctors from our fertility treatment canter retrieve them through a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed under intravenous anesthesia. During the fertility program procedure, a needle is inserted into the ovary to remove the eggs under ultrasound guidance. The extracted fluid is then gets examined by a professional embryologist to separate the eggs.


In Vitro Fertilization

At the same time, a sperm sample is isolated from the semen and prepared carefully in culture medium in a lab environment to take action in one of IVF programs. With established insemination techniques, a defined concentration of sperm is needed in order to fertilize the eggs in a laboratory environment. In other cases, a single sperm is inserted into each separate egg through an Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) procedure.


Embryo Incubation

During the statements of our fertility treatment center and the IVF programs we provide, fertilization can be documented after roughly 18 hours. Embryos then need to go through the incubation process in a specific culture medium in a tightly-controlled laboratory setting for a period of five to six days, which is called the blastocyst stage.


Transferring The Embryo

After incubation, experts from Sunshine fertility care center will transfer a desired number of embryos into the woman’s uterus within a painless ultrasound-guided procedure. Specialists can cryopreserve remaining embryos, if necessary. In specific circumstances, when a single-gene analysis or all-encompassing chromosomal screening or embryos needs to be performed, all embryos must be frozen first. In 9 to 11 days following the embryo transfer, the pregnancy test takes place via the blood analysis.

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