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This article will explain to you what hostile uterus is, why it occurs, how it influences fertility and pregnancy, and what to do if you have this diagnosis.

We will overview the role of cervical mucus in fertilization and pregnancy and explain how it helps sperm to pass that hard way.

More than that, we will show you what types of mucus women have and teach you how to define possible mucus disorders at home. Simple manual test explained in this post will show you the right way.

Also, you will get an overview of the most effective medical treatments of the hostile uterus as well as the ways to improve the mucus quality via nutrition.

Keep reading, stay healthy and don’t hesitate to get a free consultancy of our fertility experts!

What to expect when you are expecting the first consultancy with a fertility doctor? Well, they may ask you some tricky questions. That’s why this article will help you to get ready for it.

What is more, we will advise you what to ask your fertility expert when you finally met, what medical tests and examinations you need to do in order to start with the IVF.

Also, you will get these and many other questions answered.

What kind of therapy will be used?

How long will the treatment last?

How much will the whole complex of medical procedures cost?

What happens after egg retrieval and transfer?

What to expect from IVF pregnancy?

We are sure that you come up with hundreds of advertising campaigns made by fertility clinics who want to convince you that their prices are the most affordable.

However, many egg donation agencies have hidden prices for consultancy.medications and other services they provide.

In this post, we will try to reveal the truth about the real cost of IVF depending on the treatment type, location, clinics, and other factors.

Moreover, we will give you helpful advice on how to save some money based on insurance and legislation acts of your country.

Read and learn how to start your dream family without spending a small fortune of money in IVF and ICSI.

Want to become an egg donor, but are not sure about the requirements? This helpful article will help you to check if you qualified enough for a program application.

What is more, it will be helpful for all intended parents who are looking for a perfect egg donor and don`t want to miss a thing.

Read, and you will learn what the best age for egg donors is. Moreover, you will learn what genetic texts, questionaries, appointments, treatments egg donors should undergo and how much time it might take.

There are also several important things about the compensation you should know. This information relates to all fertility clinics and agencies and contains average egg donation payment rates.

Want to know more about parenting opportunities for same-sex couples? We have something handy to share with you.

In this article, you will see the approach and legal status of LGBT parents around the world. It also covers the topic of adoption vs. biological parenting.

Moreover, we will overview the fertilization process and show you how it works for gay and lesbian couples.

To inspire you more, we will spice-up the post with real stories of LGBT moms and dads who already grow their children conceived through IVF and IUI.

If you are an LGBT couple or a single parent ready and willing to have a biological child, you can do that with our help.

Everyone wants to know how our future kids will look. However, is it ever possible to design your baby? Blue eyes, straight nose, and brown wavy hair?

With the growth of genetic testing and DNA modeling in vitro gametogenesis doesn`t sound like a technology of the future anymore. Multiple pieces of research prove that it will be available to humanity within the next several decades. That`s why in this post we will explain to you how gametogenesis works and what the promises are.

However, even the most useful technologies have their disadvantages. From the standpoint of IVG, they are related to moral and legal contradictions.

Let`s discuss them and find out if that is the right way to bring your dream baby to life.

Everyone knows that egg donation can be quite a profitable undertaking for egg donors. However, not all egg donor agencies inform the applicants about all possible risks for their health and fertility.

In this article, we will make things clear for you and reveal the truth that most oftenly stays behind the scenes.

Read and you will learn what dangers egg donors can faces on different stages of IVF, starting from the hormonal medication till the possible long-term consequences.

This post will help you to make a clear decision and find our if the egg donation process is really worth the money it brings.

The most prominent symptoms of PCOS are irregular or missing periods and food cravings.

Since these symptoms are also present in a multitude of other disorders and easily dismissed as consequences of a stressful lifestyle or lack of sleep, PCOS often goes undiagnosed.

Modern medical science has not yet been able to discover the exact PCOS causes, but it is likely that they are rooted in genetics.

Meanwhile, PCOS may actually affect your fertility and some other aspects of your health, so it is important to be aware of this condition and its impact on your health.

Let’s try to dispel the myths related to intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

This article will give you understanding of how intracytoplasmic sperm injection can help with male infertility treatment, what the cost and success rate are.

Moreover, you will find a detailed description of the procedure and discover how to prepare for it.

Can’t decide between IUI and IVF? Let`s overview both techniques and explain how they work and when they should be used.

This article will explain when IUI and IVF are prescribed. You will learn about the infertility cases that are successfully treated with both techniques.

Also, this article will give you more insights concerning the medications and amount of visits you will have to do.

Most importantly, we will speak about the cost of procedures in different countries. You will see the statistics and get a free custom estimate for your state and city.

The post ends with the success rate evaluation depending on the diagnosis, age, and a number of prior unsuccessful pregnancy attempts.

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