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Paris Hilton Surrogate, IVF and Children - Star Family

Paris Hilton IVF, Surrogate Pregnancies, and Children – Star Family

Apr 1, 2024

Since 2020, fans have been admiring Paris Hilton’s love story. After many failed relationships and engagements, the world star finally found her soulmate in successful businessman Carter Reum. The couple married in November 2021 and held a lavish ceremony in a private Los Angeles estate. Two years later, Hilton and Reum stunned fans with their

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Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) - Symptoms, Causes, Prevention

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) – Symptoms, Causes, Prevention 

Mar 21, 2024

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a woman’s body’s reaction to an excess of hormones that stimulate the development of eggs. This pathological condition occurs when the injected and natural FSH and LH hormones are too high in total. It leads to the formation of an excessive number of follicles and causes ovarian swelling and aches.

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mini ivf main image

Mini IVF – Cost, Success Rates, Mini vs IVF Protocol Comparison

Mar 10, 2024

Mini IVF is in vitro fertilization with a reduced protocol. We also call it ‘gentle’, ‘mild’, ‘micro’, or low-stimulation IVF because it involves using small doses of medications to grow and retrieve eggs. Consequently, it decreases hormonal side effects and minimizes the risk of hyperstimulation.  Unlike the conventional program, mild IVF is primarily based on

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IVF Diet - Tips, Recipes, and Meal Plan to Increase Fertility

IVF Diet – Tips, Recipes, and Meal Plan to Increase Fertility

Feb 15, 2024

An IVF diet is a food program that provides the nutrients necessary for your fertility and successful conception. It affects hormone production, sperm and egg quality, and other fertility-related processes. That is why a well-selected meal helps prepare the body for IVF and increases the chances of pregnancy.  Let’s examine why a fertility diet is

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IVF Couriers - International Cryoshipping main image

IVF Couriers – How International Cryoshipping Works, Its Cost, and Reviews

Feb 5, 2024

IVF couriers are companies that provide safe transportation of frozen reproductive material such as embryos, sperm, and oocytes anywhere in the world. They use special medical containers, dewars, to keep the extremely low temperature of -196 °C.  Cryo shipping raises many questions for some people looking for donors abroad or preparing for the IVF program.

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implantation bleeding IVF

IVF Implantation Bleeding – Is Spotting after Embryo Transfer Normal?

Jan 28, 2024

Implantation bleeding is quite common and occurs in 25% of pregnant women. Around 10-14 days after natural conception or IVF embryo transfer, the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining and causes scanty bloody spotting or light bleeding. Women experience this discharge 4 to 2 days before expected menstruation. It usually does not require medical

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IVF Follicle Growth Chart

IVF Follicle Growth Chart – Comprehensive Guide to Day-by-Day Folicle Sizes 

Oct 27, 2023

Fertility experts strongly rely on an IVF follicle growth chart to evaluate their maturity and consistent size increase and make sure that ovarian stimulation is successful. They measure dominant follicle size during ultrasound checks and compare them to the reference values. In this article, we will explain what size the follicles should be on each

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FET image - frozen emnryo transfer protocol 3d

FET Protocol (Frozen Embryo Transfer) – Advantages, Methods, and Effectiveness

Sep 4, 2023

FET protocol (aka Cryoprotocol) is the transfer of embryos that were frozen in the previous cycle to the uterus. FET protocol, or IVF cryopreservation, is a vital procedure in assisted reproductive technology that involves freezing embryos from a previous cycle for future use. It can be performed in natural and hormone-prepared cycles, depending on the

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short cervix main image

Short Cervix – Causes, Symptoms, and Pregnancy Success Stories

Apr 5, 2023

Talking about the cervix we have to understand anatomy and math. The normal cervical length for most women is about 4-5 centimeters. A short cervix is anything less than that. Doctors measure it by ultrasound and define a сervical canal as short if its length is less than 4 cm before the 36th pregnancy week.

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