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IVF in Singapore is an opportunity to get the desired pregnancy under experienced professionals’ supervision and using the latest techniques. It is becoming more and more popular with patients from the USA, UK, China, India, Australia, and other countries. They are attracted by the high level of clinics, modern artificial insemination technologies, great egg donors, and proactive service, which give great pregnancy chances even during the first IVF program.

How IVF Works – the Process Explained

In vitro fertilization is carried out in several stages, the first of which is diagnosis. Both partners pass it so that doctors can pinpoint the exact cause of infertility and suggest the optimal treatment program.

After that, preparations for the IVF protocol begins. It starts with the stimulation of ovulation and the collection of oocytes and spermatozoa. Reproductive specialists use a variety of methods to identify and use only healthy cells without pathologies. One of them is screening non-viable spermatozoa using the MACS (Magnetically activated cell sorting) technology.

Doctors fertilize the eggs in the laboratory and place the resulting embryos in an incubator for several days. More and more clinics use an embryoscope, a time-lapse incubator that records the entire embryo development process on video.

The final stage is the transfer of embryos into the uterus. It is a quick, painless procedure performed without anesthesia in a gynecological chair in just a few minutes.

Advantages and Main Principles of IVF in Singapore

IVF in Singapore is primarily a comprehensive examination of both partners. The couple undergoes blood tests and tests for tumor markers. Men are also assigned a sperm examination, and women must undergo pelvic ultrasound and mammography. And only after that, the couple is prepared for hormonal stimulation.

  • It is important to mention that Singapore’s IVF procedure is available only to legal spouses with an official marriage certificate.
  • In vitro fertilization in this country is carried out using the most modern technologies. For example, doctors in Singapore successfully use a laser during the procedure, which improves the introduction of embryos into the uterine cavity. This method is effective if the embryo has a dense membrane or if a couple had an unsuccessful IVF attempt in the past.
  • Another technology of in vitro fertilization is the cultivation of blastocysts. This stage of the procedure allows doctors to select the best and most viable embryos before transferring them to the uterus. And for a higher transplant accuracy, Singaporean specialists use ultrasound.
  • Also, during IVF in Singapore, doctors use preliminary genetic analysis of embryos, identifying chromosomal abnormalities.

In-vitro fertilization in Singapore is recommended not only for young couples who have just found out about their problem but also for older women and those who have had unsuccessful past IVF attempts.

IVF, Sperm, and Egg Donation Laws in Singapore

IVF, Sperm, and Egg Donation Laws in Singapore Singapore promotes social growth on a governmental level. Starting from 2013, they have increased financing social and medical sectors to increase the population. That’s why they renovated most of the clinics, and ART (assisted reproductive technology) treatments have been rising steadily. More than that, the Government started national healthcare programs that now cover up to 6 IVF attempts.

VF Cost in Singapore

IVF prices in Singapore depend on several parameters: egg donor fee (if you use donor oocytes); the cost of the examination; additional manipulations (cell selection, auxiliary hatching, etc.); the transfer itself; cryopreservation.

The price for the egg donation starts from $6500. One should also cover the shipping cost to Singapore, basic egg donor traveling expenses, and all necessary appointments at the clinic. An average egg retrieval’s price is $2500. It includes egg retrieval, general anesthesia, standard ward time for the egg donor of up to 2 hours.

Fertility services
Average price of the service in Spain
IVF consultancy and donor choice
IUI - artificial intrauterine insemination
starts from $7000
IVF - in vitro fertilization, or ICSI - intracytoplasmic sperm injection
starts from $10000
Donor eggs for IVF program in Cambodia
starts from $13000
Eggs freezing
Frozen embryo IVF

Singapore IVF Clinic, Centers, and the Best IVF Doctors

Do you want to find a qualified IVF doctor in Singapore based on their experience, skills, and reviews? We do our best to cooperate with proven clinics and support our clients on every step of their IVF journey. That’s why we know the truth about their prices, facilities, service, and success rates. Check some of our partners below or contact Sunshine expert consultants to find the best doctors and clinics in Orchard, Bukit, Penang, and River Valley.

Mount Elizabeth Fertility Center

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Singapore IVF FAQ

We know how many questions you have while preparing for the IVF. Here we cover some of the most frequently asked ones. Please find the answers or contact us for more details.

What are Singapore IVF success rates?

The success rate of IVF in Singapore is 35-40%. It would help if you kept in mind that it decreases with time, and at the age of 40, it is 17-20%. The number of embryos doctors use during the transfer also highly influences pregnancy chances.

Is there a Singapore government grant for IVF?

Yes. Singaporean Ministry of Health (MOH) has a co-funding program covering up to 75% of the IVF price if you are a citizen of the republic.

How much does IVF treatment cost in Singapore?

The minimal cost of IVF in Singapore is $10000. The price of one IVF program with donor eggs is $16500.

How to find an egg donor for IVF in Singapore?

You can search for a local donor or find one in the international egg donor database and ask the chosen donor to travel for embryo retrieval.

What if I don’t speak any of the local languages?

The doctors in qualified medical centers we cooperate with do speak English. More than that, you will have your assistant through the whole IVF program. Sunshine agency representatives will help you make appointments, find the best clinic, place to stay, etc.

Can single men and women go to Singapore for IVF?

Unfortunately, for now, Singapore allows IVF programs only to married couples. That’s why the best solution for unmarried people who want to have a baby is to travel to Malaysia or Cambodia.

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