Advanced Fertility Services

Natural human reproduction requires a meeting of the egg and sperm. Here everything depends on a sperm activity that not only enters the vagina and tries to reach the egg as soon as possible but also tries to beat all the “competitors” and to be the first to fertilize the egg.

If something goes wrong with the natural process, people look for advanced fertility services that can help the nature with things that the one cannot implement on its own. If earlier people considered this as a miracle, for now, it is only a selection of proper methods and programs of contemporary medicine.

Forceful Fertility Services For Everyone

If you are looking for the best company that will serve you with reputable fertility services of the highest quality, you’re in the right place! Sunshine offers you to choose from a broad variety of advanced fertility services. We specialize in effective IVF programs, egg donation, genetic screening, sperm donation, and other services you may need for a family complement. There is no need to worry! We suggest only innovative solutions and technologies for your future parenthood. Our team of acknowledged specialists is ready to help you overcome infertility and enjoy a happy family stressless and fast.

Egg Donation Advanced Fertility Services

In fact, nowadays the level of medical technologies development got to the new heights, and so, even such a painful thing as infertility is not a problem anymore. Loads of couples and singles all over the globe are suffering because of a lack of their own baby and have no idea on how to beat infertility. However, thanks to advanced fertility services, that Sunshine provides to clients, there is a great opportunity to overcome this disease and enjoy a complete family. One of these fertility services is egg donation which makes having a baby possible through using the biomaterial of egg donors.

Among all advanced fertility services, egg donation is in high demand because it can bring a child to the family with any sexual orientation. The thing is that there is a diverse number of reasons why a woman can be not able to conceive and endure a baby by means of a natural process. It may be an ovaries disease, premature menopausal syndrome, chronic miscarriage, whatever. Still, with egg donation, the woman can endure a baby from a donor egg or find a person who will take over her pregnancy.

Who Needs Egg Donation Service

What people are chosen to become a part of advanced fertility services? Well, usually, egg donors are women in the age of 18-35 who are ready to share their ova with others and so to help people complete their families. Before taking part in the egg donation program, donors go through detailed medical testing. Basically, egg donation is the best fertility service for you in case want to have a child but:

  • you no longer have eggs in your ovaries;
  • your eggs are not able to take part in the conception.

Sperm Donation

Sperm DonationThe thing is it can be complicated for couples to become parents not only because of a women’s infertility but because of a men’s one as well. In case, your male partner is infertile, advanced fertility services that Sunshine provides will be helpful. We offer you valuable sperm donation program that will help you to have a dream baby. Before becoming potential sperm donors, all the candidates go through complete medical screening. The applicant can become a donor only in case the one is in good health, has an appropriate age, and doesn’t have any heritage diseases and bad habits.

Indications for Donor Sperm Usage

For sure, each situation is specific. However, there are some common reasons why clients look for the sperm donor, we mention them below.

  • The infertility of a male partner;
  • Poor medical genetic outlook;
  • Ejaculatory-sexual disorder;
  • Lack of sexual partner.

Our professional assistants can guide you about the sperm donation process and provide you will all the essentials concerning the program. Contact us at any time for any necessary information.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Another one from advanced fertility services that Sunshine suggests is in vitro fertilization or IVF. Primarily, this is an assisted reproductive therapy that helps to fertilize the ovum with the sperm in the medical lab, outside of the uterus. If a woman’s egg is healthy and has good reproductive conditions, specialists took it away and with the help of a tiny needle put sperm inside it to complete the fertilization. After the successful procedure, the ovum turns into the pre-embryo which is ready for a further embryo transfer to the uterus.

IVF Essentials

When it comes to advanced fertility services and especially in vitro fertilization, you need to consider all directions of this procedure to pick the one that is optimal for you.

In fact, there are four main courses of events that specialists can cover with IVF services, such as: As you can see, in vitro fertilization is one of the advanced fertility services that has a specific way of holding which depends on the type of a required IVF service. No doubt, various health problems related to the inability of conception can become a real test for relationships or marriage. However, if you went through numerous attempts to become pregnant and even tried a medical treatment that did not work, there is no need to feel despair. Sunshine provides the best fertility services such as IVF that will surely help you to become a parent and will bring you back to life.

Genetic Screening (NGS)

Being innovative and effective, genetic screening is one more great example of advanced fertility services that Sunshine is ready to help you with. The thing is that, unfortunately, embryos may have various kinds of genetic pathology. Whether it is a chromosomal abnormality that affects changes on a chromosome level or a gene one that causes individual genes mutation, genetic screening comes in handy. It makes it possible to identify the problem and further to take the necessary steps. Basically, genetic screening fertility services are used together with in vitro fertilization treatment in two main directions, such as preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Reasons to Do Genetic Screening

Here the first one (PGS) comes as a detailed diagnosis of embryos that might have the gene or chromosomal abnormalities. Preimplantation genetic screening helps to detect aneuploidy as well as to select embryos with a well-balanced set of chromosomes. Meanwhile, being a revolutionary method of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, next-generation sequencing (NGS) allows specialists to identify all possible pathologies that may affect the process of in vitro fertilization. The method has high accuracy and is absolutely safe for the embryo.

Bear in mind that you surely need to go through these advanced fertility services in case the following statements refer to you.

The mother-to-be is over 35 years old. Mature women have high chances of having a baby with an abnormal set of chromosomes.You have a pregnancy miscarriage on early stages or failures when opting for IVF treatment in the past.Your spouse or you have genetic diseases, or they took place in your family.You need to choose the sex of the future child because of medical reasons. It usually happens if any diseases related to gender may occur.Both are advanced fertility services that allow minimizing all possible risks so you could enjoy a successful result of the program and have a happy baby in your family.

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