IVF in Spain, Barcelona – Egg Donors, Doctors, Clinics and Cost

Every year, more than 80,000 women make IVF in Spain. Spanish doctors are recognized professionals and pioneers in the field of reproductive medicine, who use the most modern technologies and methods in diagnosing infertility diseases. That’s why, we are welcoming all intended parents to Spain and Barcelona, where they can find the best clinics, doctors, or find a perfect egg donor for their dream baby!

Welcome to Spain!

The majority of people visiting Spanish clinics are residents of France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. However, the demand is expanding, covering almost the whole of Europe, the USA, and other continents. The flow of Russian fertility tourists has also increased. In Spain, many of them get a long-awaited opportunity to become parents.

Why Choose Spain and Barcelona for IVF?

In Spain, 60% of IVF programs practice donor oocytes. And - which is very attractive to many couples who come to Spain for pregnancy - the egg donation here is entirely anonymous, unlike some other countries.

In addition to traditional artificial insemination, Spanish doctors use innovative technologies, such as embryoscopy and oocyte vitrification.

Embryoscopy is not just a new method for IVF.  It is a gentle way to continuously monitor cell division, evaluate the development of embryos in real-time, and plant a healthy embryo. Embryoscopy allows the use of single embryo transfer, prevent twin pregnancies, and avoid complications for the mothers and newborn babies.

Oocyte vitrification is the most advanced technology for oocytes and embryos cryopreservation via ultrafast freezing. With the help of vitrification, the survival of the embryos reaches an almost absolute maximum of 98%. It allows you to speed up the process of fertilization and the enlarges chances of a successful pregnancy, as well as give parents more opportunities to raise a healthy baby.

Spanish doctors are very loyal to IVF for a single male or female parents and LGBT couples, helping thousands of people become parents.

Advantages of IVF in Spain and International Statistics

The practice of egg donation or genetic selection of embryos is not prohibited in Spain, while in many other countries, there are religious and legislative sanctions for these procedures.

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) has confirmed that Spain accumulates over 40% of reproductive tourists from the European countries. Foreign patients come to medical clinics and make IVF in Spain for two main reasons.


Excellent quality of specialized medical care, especially in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. According to various sources, the effectiveness of IVF procedures in Spain after one attempt is 30-35%, which is one of the highest world rates.


Legislation to study and practice the most advanced methods for solving infertility problems.


Lack of restrictions. According to the laws, any woman of childbearing age has the right to carry out artificial insemination regardless of her marital status.


An anonymous donation of biological materials (eggs or sperm). Given that today more than half of IVF procedures are possible only thanks to donors, this is highly important.


Moreover, the legal aspect is one of the most important criteria for choosing this country.

Legal Regulations of IVF and Egg Donation in Barcelona

The current Spanish law for reproductive medicine sets the ground for scientific and technological progress and is a regulatory technique for both donors and intended parents.

Any woman over 18 years can be a recipient or a user of the IVF techniques regulated by law, regardless of her marital status and sexual orientation. Thus, single women, heterosexual couples, same-sex couples can use assisted reproduction methods. Even more importantly, they can resort to assistive reproduction not only because of fertility problems but also for life planning reasons. For example, when one of the parents chooses delaying motherhood via oocytes freezing.

Please, keep in mind that the law prohibits surrogacy in Spain! Birth defines motherhood.

How Much Does IVF Cost in Spain?

The price of IVF in Spain is quite affordable compared to other European countries. That’s why people often call Spain a mecca for IVF. On average, the cost for one IVF round with donor eggs starts from $7500. You can find prices for the most used assistive reproductive services in this table.

Fertility services
Average price of the service in Spain
IVF consultancy and donor choice
IUI - artificial intrauterine insemination
starts from €500
IVF - in vitro fertilization, or ICSI - intracytoplasmic sperm injection
starts from €4500
Donor eggs for IVF program in Barcelona
starts from €7500
Eggs freezing in Barcelona
Frozen embryo transfer
PGS genetic screening
from €500 to €3500

Best IVF Doctors in Spain and Top Barcelona Clinics

Our leading partner and a superb doctor Markus `Golden hands` Nitzschke is a medical director and founder of the Cryocan clinic, our partner in Spain.

Doctor Markus Nitzschke has an M.D. medical degree. He is one of the few reproductive professionals who specialize in natural cycle IVF with minimal stimulation.

Dr. Nietzschke is a real reproductive health guru. He teaches colleagues to work on the in vitro fertilization program with minimal stimulation or without it at all, thus making the procedure not only less aggressive for the body but also significantly reducing its cost. He trained and worked in leading clinics in the USA, Europe, and Japan. In Europe, he began this work at a clinic in Bern, Switzerland, and now is a leading IVF Expert of the Cryocan and our representative in Barcelona, Spain.

If you would like to get a free consultancy or start your IVF in Spain together with Dr. Nitzschke, don`t hesitate to contact us using the form below, send us a message or call at +1 213 423 05 31

Frequently Asked Questions about IVF in Spain

Look through the most frequently asked questions about IVF in Spain or contact us for any additional queries. All consultations are free.

Сan I go for an IVF in Barcelona if I don’t know Spanish?

Most qualified Spanish reproductive specialists speak English. Therefore, you will not meet any difficulties in communication with specialists. Moreover, with the Sunshine egg donation agency, you will always have a personal manager who speaks your language, helps to find an egg donor, and takes care of other sides of the process. You can contact our specialists and get free consultancy, by phone +1 213 423 05 31, WhatsApp, WeChat, or using e-mail hello@eggdonors.asia.

What should I do to start IVF in Barcelona?

To use the IVF service in Spain, you need to contact our representatives who will help you choose the clinic and provide the reproductologist with full information about your physical health. Most doctors never take on patients if they are initially sure of a negative result. However, modern technology and the professionalism of Dr. Nitzschke approve more than 90% of women! It seems unbelievable, but Spanish doctors make miracles even with patients who experienced failed IVF in other countries.

Do I need a visa to travel for IVF in Spain?

The clinic can send you an invitation for treatment, which will make the visa application hassle-free. Contact our team and let us know your country so that we could send you all the necessary documents and instructions.

What are the IVF success chances in Spain?

According to statistics, IVF in Spain gives a positive result after the first procedure in 30-50% of cases. This performance is due to the highest level of reproductive technology in this country. In this case, the examination, preparation, and direct conduct of ICSI and embryo transfer are carried out by highly-qualified specialists. Please, keep in mind that the program's success strongly depends on the clinic and doctor you choose. Therefore, we highly recommend checking their qualification, success rates, reviews, and service quality, or consult an international IVF expert.

Can I choose the sex of my future baby in Barcelona?

One of the clinics in Barcelona in 2013 initiated the collection of signatures for the document allowing parents to choose the gender of the unborn child, which is easy to do with IVF.  There are several precedents in world practice. For example, recently, in the United States, couples who already have a child were allowed to choose a different sex embryo for implantation. However, the outcome of a similar initiative of the Spanish clinic has not yet been reported.

How long should I stay in Barcelona during IVF?

The cycle takes about three weeks. You can make several visits to the country for consultations and procedures, or spend the whole time there, combining treatment with a vacation.

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