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Sperm Donors

Since the moment we were founded, our aim has been to help couples who want to have a child but fail to achieve pregnancy because of infertility. Our sperm donation program is a gleam of hope for those who want to fulfil their dream of having a family despite fertility issues. We find that it is crucial to create optimal conditions for our patients and sperm donors so that we can provide an unmatched quality of service. Below you will find more information for potential sperm donors and prospective clients who are looking to acquire sperm anonymously or from a certain donor.

We make sure to only accept sperm from qualified donors to achieve great results and a good reputation with our clients. We choose our sperm donors among students of local colleges and universities who are willing to become sperm donors. As a result, our pool of donors consists of young men aged between 18 and 38 who are smart, healthy, and attractive.

We are very committed to the procedure of handpicking the best donor candidates to provide sperm for future intended parents. Once a potential sperm donor has gone through the initial stage of his application, he goes on to be medically tested and screened. The prospective donors are evaluated based on psychological tests to find out more about their personality, tested genetically, and assessed on the subject of fertility. In addition, they undergo a careful physical examination and are screened for multiple diseases and medical conditions. To minimize the chances of transmitting a genetic disorder through donor sperm, all donors are subject to a specific type of genetic testing known as karyotyping. If we find that the applicant’s medical results are acceptable, we add him to our donor database and continue evaluating his health to make sure that he still fits our requirements. All semen samples from our donors are quarantined during their medical screening and are released only after successfully passing the screening for infectious diseases. Also, bear in mind that the sperm donor you chose may not be available immediately. Thus, it is a good idea to contact us in advance to reserve and purchase a number of sperm vials from your preferred donor.

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