Single Father Surrogacy – How to Become a Parent Legally and How Much Surrogacy for Single Man Costs

Mar 13, 2019

Not every man is legally married to a woman, but this should not deprive him of the happiness of becoming a father. Of course, there is an opportunity to adopt a child. However, if you want a baby to be genetically yours, single father surrogacy is the best possible option for single man.

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That’s why in this post, we will give you more insights concerning the single parent surrogacy. We will overview the process, shed light on the cost and single father surrogacy laws and restrictions in different countries.

As a cherry of the pie, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to the single parent surrogacy.

What Is Single Father Surrogacy?

Single father surrogacy is the process of hiring a surrogate mother by a single man. It can be done through traditional or gestational surrogacy. Most single parents prefer gestational surrogacy. In this case, the surrogate mother is carrying a child does not have a genetical relation to her (you have a different egg donor). To show you the pros and cons of these two options, we will overview each of them.

Traditional Surrogacy for Single Man

If you opt for a traditional surrogacy, you choose a surrogate mother who gives her own egg. Consequently, the same woman carries and gives birth to a child. Sounds like a great all-in-one solution, however, it has some significant disadvantages.

Pros: It`s easier, experts use IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), which makes the process less expensive. The intended father doesn`t have to pay for egg donation and embryo transfer, because the surrogate mother uses her own eggs.

Cons: In this case, the surrogate is also a biological parent of a child. Therefore, from a legal standpoint, your position is not 100% secure. The surrogate mother can change her mind and try to sue her right for the child in the court. What is more, some countries and states do not allow traditional surrogacy. As you see, there are both legal and moral complexities which make most of the professionals prefer the second type – gestational surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy for Single Man

If you give your preference to gestational surrogacy, you will have to choose two different people – an egg donor and a surrogate mother. For starters, you choose an egg donor from the database. Then the IVF procedure takes place. Fertility experts retrieve her eggs, form an embryo using your sperm. After that, they surrogate mother undergoes the embryo transfer procedure and becomes a carrier of your future baby.

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Pros: In this case, a surrogate is just a carrier who doesn`t have any biological tie to your child. Therefore, she will not have a claim to your baby if you fully cover her contract. You have full right for a baby and become its only legal parent. It is also an excellent solution for gay couples because you can have two biological babies who have the genes of both men.

Cons: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) which is used to create an embryo is a more complicated medical procedure. It is more time and costs consuming; however, the result is worth it.

Now when you have a better understanding of the process, let`s take a closer look at the legal side.

Single Father Surrogacy Laws – Legal Opportunities in Different Countries

Single father surrogacy in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, and other countries can significantly differ. That is due to the specific laws and legal regulations.

From the legal perspectives, there are regulations for altruistic and commercial forms of surrogacy.

Commercial surrogacy of traditional or gestational form takes place when the surrogate is paid. Altruistic surrogacy, in its terms, is a gestational surrogacy when a surrogate is your family member or a close friend willing to help you. In some of the countries, the difference is crucial and one or both surrogacy forms can be allowed, banned or non-regulated.

Below you can see a map of surrogacy laws in different parts of the world and check if your country or state allows it.

surrogacy regulations map by countries

Single Parent Surrogacy in Canada

According to the Canadian Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRC), commercial surrogacy is strictly prohibited. They allow only its altruistic form. As for Quebec, both forms are strictly forbidden.

USA Legal Regulations of Single Father Surrogacy

Taking into consideration the variety of local laws in the USA, the legal regulations of single-parent surrogacy differ from state to state. The states that allow surrogacy are:

  • Illinois;
  • Arkansas;
  • California;
  • Maryland;
  • Washington D.C.;
  • Oregon;
  • New Hampshire;
  • New Jersey.

Such liberal approach of these state laws makes it possible for people to get their dream child by surrogacy. In other states, it is either banned or non-regulated by the law.

UK Approach to Surrogacy

The United Kingdom has one of the most strict laws concerning surrogacy. Commercial one of forbidden. In case of an altruistic form, the surrogate has full right for a child and stays its mother according to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990.

Australia and Surrogacy

IVF and altruistic surrogacy are allowed in South Australia since 2017. As for the Nothern Part, New South Wales and Queensland inclusive, it is strictly prohibited by the law.

European Approach to Surrogacy

Surrogacy is banned in most European countries. The countries that allow surrogacy are:

  • Belgium (altruistic);
  • Czech Republic (non-regulated);
  • Denmark (altruistic);
  • Greece (all types of surrogacy);
  • The Netherlands (altruistic);
  • Poland (unregulated);
  • Portugal;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine.

India and Surrogacy

Until 2015 commercial surrogacy was legal which attracted many people from all around the world there. However, starting from November 2015, it was strictly prohibited. Now the child born from a surrogate mother on the territory of India gets the citizenship of its mother, which not only stopped the fertility tourism but also made hundreds of citizens look for commercial surrogacy opportunities abroad.

Is Single Father Surrogacy Allowed in My Country?

If you are not sure of want to know about the legal regulations of single father surrogacy in your country or state – don`t hesitate to ask our experts. The consultancy is free and will help you to get full information or find the clinic in the nearest surrogacy-friendly country if it is prohibited on your motherland.


Single Father Surrogacy FAQ – Your Questions Answered

single parent surrogacy frequently asked questions

It seems that we have overviewed the most essential aspects and the family-building opportunities for single father through surrogacy. Now it`s high time to proceed with the questions frequently asked by our clients. We hope that you will also find some important details you wanted to know but didn’t find anywhere. Let’s make it clear!

1. I Am a Single Man, Can I Get a Surrogate Mother for My Child?

Yes, you can. Single father surrogacy is legal in many countries and can help you create a dream family and get a baby with your genes.

It can be a difficult path in some of the countries. This is related to possible legal restraint. However, we will find the nearest clinic where you can legally make your dream come true.

In short, we can divide the gestational surrogacy procedure into separate stages.

  1. You choose an egg donor who will give the genes to your baby.
  2. We help you find a surrogate mother who will be the carrier of your child.
  3. Your surrogate and egg donor prepare for the procedure and take the necessary medication treatment.
  4. Fertility clinic experts proceed with embryo selection and transfer.
  5. We confirm the pregnancy, and prenatal care takes place.
  6. Birth and return home with your baby.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Find a Surrogate Mother for My Baby?

Single father surrogacy cost can differ considering the type of surrogacy you would like to choose, your location, matching services, screening, custom surrogate compensation, and other details.

single father surrogacy cost

In average, egg donation cost varies from $6000 (if done in some of our clinics) to $40000 (if performed in some of the US-based clinics).

Additionally, a surrogate mother compensation can cost you from $30 000 to $60 000. The price does not include medical and legal expenses, because they hardly can be generalized.

If you would like to hear a custom quote, feel free to contact our experts and we will calculate the cost taking into account your specific needs, location, and the surrogacy type you want to opt for.

3. Can Additional Spendings be Required?

Yes. You might need to cover such additional expenses as:

  • legal fees;
  • medical costs (genetic screening, egg retrieval, medication, embryo transfer);
  • surrogacy insurance costs (advisory, but not obligatory);
  • agency fees for the egg donor and surrogate matching.


You Are One Step from Becoming a Father

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We believe that no one has the right to deprive single men of the desire to have a child. Over the years we have conducted dozens of surrogacy programs for single men. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive free surrogacy advice. Don`t hesitate, ask questions and remember that the joy of parenting is worth all the challenges.

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