IVF Egg Sharing – Definition, Cost and Application Process

Aug 25, 2020

Each fifth couples have difficulties with conception. In 2020 about 1000000 babies were born using donated eggs, sperm, or embryos. Egg donation offers hope for some infertile people to have children of their own. However, IVF programs are not that affordable for most of the couples. Therefore, they have to collect a lot of money and spend much effort for their first program. Luckily, there is a way to cut the IVF cost twice via IVF egg sharing. 

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What Is IVF Egg Sharing

Egg sharing is the type of IVF when several women receive eggs from the same oocyte donor. It can be a woman who donates her eggs to lower her IVF cost or a donor who shares her oocyte with two different recipients. 

If a woman decides to share her oocytes, a clinic can give her a discount for the IVF procedure. However, if there are no shared eggs at the clinic, one can opt for IVF egg sharing programs and pick one donor for two different recipients. Therefore, the donor gets full rewards and both couples receive half of the oocytes after egg retrieval.

IVF Egg Sharing Cost

Sharing one egg donor with another couple can help you save up to 50% of the program cost.  In Moscow, the cost of shared egg retrieval is as low as $1435, and the donor compensation starts from $2975. 

Regular IVFIVF Egg Sharing
Egg retrieval procedure$2870$1435
eggs freezingfreefree
6-months storagefreefree
Donor eggs$5950 $2975

Regular IVF Costs

You can look through the table to see how much a regular IVF program costs in different countries.

IVF + medicalsFET + medicalsPGS + medicals
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval
$1000$400 per embryo, or packages from $3600
Kuala Lumpur$6500
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval
$1000$400 per embryo, or packages from $3600
Phnom Penh$6500
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval
$1000$400 per embryo, or packages from $3600
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval

$2000only packages from $3600

IVF Egg Sharing Process

When applying for an egg sharing program, you should pay special attention to the donor choice. Here we have listed some of the basic must-have claims you should keep in mind.

Donor Requirements

ivf egg sharing donor profile

We take things seriously. That`s why, to join the IVF egg sharing program, a donor must:

  • be between the ages of 18 and 35;
  • BMI <30;
  • have an average FSH level below 10 IU / L;
  • normal anti-muller hormone (AMH) levels;
  • have good blood test results, be screened for viral diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and C, CMV;
  • no personal or family history of inherited disorders, agree to complete a genetic questionnaire to exclude the possibility of transmission of hereditary diseases;
  • take screening for genetic disorders by testing chromosomes and a making cystic fibrosis test;

* If a woman is adopted, she must have access to family history or have children of her own to participate.

As soon as you know all ins-an outs, it`s hight time to apply for the program. 

Steps to Proceed with IVF Egg Sharing

shared donors

Find Egg Donor

  1. Look through the database, make sure there are at least 3-5 donors that fit your request and are available for the program. Make sure the donors have their own kids and prior successful IVF. It will help to increase your chances.
  2. Send an email to your fertility expert at hello@eggdonors.asia. Alternatively, you can reach us via WhatsApp or WeChat at +7 985 274 68 39 or +12134230531
  3. Ask if there is a couple who is waiting for a sharing partner. If there is a match, we will immediately inform you and send all the details regarding the program. 
  4. If there are no sharing requests for the donors you`ve picked, we will create a spot for you and will look for a partner to start your program.
  5. As soon as there is a match, we inform your donor and she starts preparing for the retrieval program. 
  6. On the retrieval day, you come to the clinic and get half of the oocytes. You can immediately use them for an IVF program, or freeze the oocytes for later. 

The process is anonymous. You will not have to get acquainted with other recipients. They will not get any information about your personality or future kids.

Advantages of Sunshine Egg Sharing Program 

  • You can share your program with any other couple. We regularly connect recipients and donors and can help you find the best match. 
  • It`s easy – click on share, and we will connect you with the other couple who wants to share the eggs.
  • Use or freeze. We can arrange egg retrieval and egg freezing at the GMS clinic in Moscow or use fresh donor eggs for the IVF.
  • It`s cheaper. We will split all expenses for the egg donation program and egg retrieval procedure between two clients.
  • We always help you choose only proven donors, who successfully donated before and had 10+ healthy oocytes.

Register in our free database and start sharing, or send us a request and we will connect you with other people who are willing to become happy parents!


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