How Much Does IVF Cost in Your Country? – All Prices Revealed

Mar 27, 2019

How much does IVF cost? Most often fertility clinics don`t place this information publicly. An average cost of IVF varies between $6000 and $15000 depending on your location, clinic, and the medication. In this post, we will provide IVF price list for different countries and cases to help you find the most affordable clinic and show all possible pitfalls.

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To make the costs clear for you, in this post we will overview the prices for IVF around the world. Moreover, we will give you a detailed explanation. Therefore, you will see what exactly you are paying for and will be able to choose a suitable type of IVF type and medication. We will also answer the question ‘How much does IVF cost with insurance?’ However, let`s start with the basics first.

How Much Does IVF Cost? – Real Estimate without Hidden Prices

The price of IVF can significantly vary depending on the clinic, as well as the treatment. For example, if a woman experienced premature menopause or there is a severe hormonal imbalance, she might need hormonal correction before and after fertilization to maintain a healthy pregnancy. In addition to the in vitro fertilization procedure itself, all the necessary medicines significantly increase the price. How much does IVF cost in this case? Well, it depends. Let`s overview some of the most typical examples to find it out. Below you will see the table with the average price for IVF procedures.

Medical ConsultancyFree
IUI (Intrauterine insemination)from $500
IVF or ICSI procedurefrom $3500
Oocyte Donation (donor eggs)from $6000
FET (Frozen embryo transfer)from $1000
Egg freezing procedurefrom $3000
PGS (Preimplantation genetic screening)from $500 per embryo or from $3500 in a package

Medical Consultation

In most of the cases, fertility clinics offer medical consultancy free of charge. However, some clinics post lover prices in their IVF packs and require additional costs for consultancy, medication, etc. Therefore, before you choose a cheaper fertility clinic, make sure that you get a full quote and know precisely how much you will have to spend for each of the treatment phases.

Artificial Insemination (IUI) Cost

If you don`t need donor sperm, IUI (artificial insemination) cost starts from $500. The price increases depending on the clinic you choose, donor sperm, and medication you might need. Full packs with insemination, bloodwork, drugs, and monitoring, though, can reach up to $4000.

IUI insemination image

Natural Cycle IVF Cost

The simplest, and therefore the cheapest IVF program, is one that is carried out as part of a natural menstrual cycle. This means that a woman does not undergo hormonal stimulation for the body to produce more than one egg in one period. This type of IVF is a solution if the woman has sufficiently healthy eggs, or there are significant contraindications to hormonal stimulation. The prices for natural IVF start from $2000.

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Cost of IVF through Hormonal Stimulation

Hormonal stimulation program is more expensive than natural cycle IVF. It uses hormonal stimulation, which involves the production of up to 10 eggs in one cycle. It allows you to fertilize all eggs and monitor their condition, choosing the most healthy ones. One IVF or ICSI cycle will cost you $3000-3500, on average.

ICSI vs IVF image

Cryopreservation Cost

Cryopreservation procedure also requires additional expenses starting from $3000. For example, if within one hormonal stimulation you received several healthy eggs. Not all of them were used. Therefore, you can send them for cryopreservation. This means that the eggs will be frozen at low temperatures while maintaining their health and vitality so that you can use them in the following cycles. This allows using prepared oocytes for the next IVF procedure, without exposing the woman’s body to another hormonal stimulation.

cryopreservation - egg freezing image

IVF Cost with Egg Donor Oocytes

Unfortunately, some women can not provide their own eggs for the program of artificial insemination. In this case, donor oocytes are used, which are taken from a tested and healthy donor. In this case, the cost of IVF increases significantly and ranges from $6000 to $15000. Btw, if you want to check how egg donor databases work or even want to find a suitable donor, feel free to check the profiles below.

egg donor profiles


IVF Cost in Canada

IVF treatment in Canada is quite an expensive undertaking. The price varies between $7000-$13000. However, there is also some great news because of Canadian laws. Most female patients who are the citizens of Canada can claim up to 50% costs for infertility treatment. There are maximum limits ($5000 on average). But still, this is a great compensation you can rely on.

IVF Cost in Europe

As for the European Countries, one IVF cycle is around $5000-7000 (4000-6000 Euro accordingly). Everything depends on the country you choose. You can check some of the up-to-date prices of IVF treatment in Europe compared to the rest of the world on the image below.

ivf by countries statistics and comparison table

IVF Cost in Thailand

Surprisingly, the real estimated price for IVF in Thailand including the clinic charges usually starts from $7000 and reaches up to $12000. That is due to the fact, that commercial egg and sperm donation in Thai is illegal. That`s why pregnancy through egg donation requires special legal authorization.

IVF Cost in the Philippines

At the moment, the Philippines don`t have legal regulations of IVF and surrogacy. That made this country an attraction for medical tourism. An average cost related to IVF in the Philippines is between $3700-$6900.

IVF Cost in Spain

Singly IVF cycle in Spain can cost you $5000-7000. This includes the price of medications, which is usually $1000 or so.  An average price in Europe.

IVF Cost in Turkey

Turkey also gains popularity as an IVF treatment destination. With more than 140 clinics around the country, the cost of quality IVF with ICSI starts from $3500.

IVF Cost in India

India was one of the most affordable countries for IVF and surrogacy in the past. However, after the changes in legislation, the cost increased and is now $3600-5000.

How Much Does IVF Cost with Insurance According to the USA Laws?

IVF in the USA is known to be one of the most expensive. If you go for it – get ready to pay $8000-21000. However, if you have insurance, there is a chance to cover some of the expenses.

Starting from the 1980s some of the US states have created laws related to infertility treatment. According to those acts, in 2 states insurance companies offer coverage of the IVF, and in 13 states they are obliged to cover the IVF cost. If the IVF insurance is fully covered, it will help you save most of the expenses. It can reach up to $15 000 (with medications) or $7000 without drug costs. However, if the insurance company has to offer the coverage, it can barely save you some money. The compensation works only if you have initially included it in the insurance pack.

To give you a better understanding of how much IVF costs with insurance, we will provide a table with two types of regulation by states. Furthermore, we add the links to legal documents so that you don`t have to surf on the internet.

StateIs IVF cost covered by insurance?Link to the legal document
Arkansascover IVFLegal document
Californiaoffer IVF insuranceAssembly Bill
Connecticutcover IVFHealth insurance
Hawaiicover IVFInsurance code
Illinoiscover IVFInsurance code
Louisianacover IVFInsurance laws
Marylandcover IVFInsurance section
Massachusettscover IVFCommonwealth law
New Jerseycover IVFInsurance laws
New Yorkcover IVFInsurance law
Ohiocover IVFHealth law
Rhode Islandcover IVFInsurance policies
Texasoffer IVF insuranceInsurance code
West Virginiacover IVFInsurance code

We hope that the information about the cost of IVF in different countries was helpful. Now you can compare the average prices to what we offer and check if it`s fair enough.

How Much Does IVF Cost for You with Sunshine?

We at Sunshine are cooperating with fertility clinics all over the world. We take care of you and provide personal support to each of our clients. Moreover, we make sure to include all possible IVF costs in the initial offer. You can check some of the most popular locations with prices and treatments in the table below.

IVF + medicalsFET + medicalsPGS + medicals
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval
$1000$400 per embryo, or packages from $3600
Kuala Lumpur$6500
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval
$1000$400 per embryo, or packages from $3600
Phnom Penh$6500
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval
$1000$400 per embryo, or packages from $3600
- included ICSI;
- blastocyst culture;
- embryo freezing;
- egg retrieval

$2000only packages from $3600

As you see, our prices are lower than average. Our huge advantage is completely free consultancy and our own egg donors database. Therefore, you will not have to look for a perfect oocyte donor elsewhere. We keep them all in one place.

If you didn`t find your location or would like to know the exact cost of IVF in your country, please, contact us for more details. We will gladly answer the question “how much does IVF cost?” and help you create a dream family!


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