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Apr 17, 2019

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The basic egg donor qualifications are the following:

  • Egg donor age limit: 19-31 years old;
  • Absence of hormonal disorders;
  • Regular menstrual cycle;
  • Lack of bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs;
  • Willing to help other families conceive a child;
  • Good physical and emotional health;
  • Without hereditary diseases;
  • Willing to provide complete personal information about the occupation, marital status, children, etc.;
  • Ready to undergo a medical examination and take the necessary medications.

Now it’s high time to give a more detailed overview of the process and explain which egg donor qualifications and requirements are critical and why they are important for the IVF program.

Who Can Become an Egg Donor?

Probably you saw the announcements like `looking for an egg donor,` `looking for an oocytes donor,` or ‘need a surrogate mother,` etc. They are connected by the same purpose – to find a perfect person. And you can become the one, thereby supporting a childless couple to achieve their dream.

How to do that? Well, there are specific egg donor qualifications you should have to apply for one of those programs.

Egg Donor Age Limit: 19-31

egg donor age limits

Egg donor age limit varies between 19 and 31. We accept egg donors in our pool starting from 19 years. The main reason is that during this time women are at the peak of fertility. Moreover, they already have enough responsibility to take the process seriously.

At the same time, after 30 women fertility decreases. That’s why we usually accept new donors who are not older than 30 considering. One more reason is that it will take up to one year to match with intended parents.

Hormonal Health and Regular Menstrual Cycle

It is highly essential for an egg donor to have perfect hormonal health. The first reason is to secure the donor`s health and avoid possible complications during hormonal treatment and egg retrieval.

Secondly, during the hormonal treatment, the doctors have to synchronize the donor`s and recipient`s cycles. In the case of hormonal deviations or non-regular periods, it can be quite complicating.

Good BMI – Eat Well, Do Sports

healthy diet for healthy sperm

Good Body Mass Index (BMI) is also an essential qualification for egg donors. One of the main reasons is that being overweight or underweight can cause hormonal shifts. Besides, potential parents are struggling to find a donor with a healthy weight to make sure their child will inherit it.

If you want to estimate your BMI and check if it fits the norm, you can use an online calculator.

Say NO to Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

egg donor bad habits and smoking

According to multiple international pieces of research, smoking decreases your fertility by 10-40%. There are also theories proving that it can be the primary cause of each 10th infertility case. That`s why, we only accept donors without bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug addictions, etc.

Having Your Biological Children as a Requirement

biological child

We gladly accept egg donors who have their own biological children. Some intended parents mention this as one of prerequisite egg donor qualifications. Thus, they try to make sure that the IVF process will have higher success chances.

Such a requirement is not mandatory for an application process, though. We accept egg donors with and without biological kids.

Genetic History and Hereditary Diseases

egg donor qualification - genetics and family history

One of the first appointments you get during your application is with a geneticist. You will have to provide your family history to make sure that you don`t have any inherited diseases that can be transmitted to the future baby.

The same relates to the medical conditions and other disqualifiers like HIV, Hepatitis, physical and mental disorders.

Dedication and Discipline

egg donor requirement - discipline

If you decide to become an egg donor, you should be disciplined. Never miss appointments, medical examinations and take the prescribed medications. The success of the retrieval and the overall IVF process depends on you. Moreover, understanding the good you bring to the family helps to release the related discomfort of the procedures.

As an egg donor, you should always remember, that egg donation is not a job. It usually works better when a donor truly wants to help other families conceive and give birth to their dream baby.

I Have all Necessary Egg Donor Qualifications, What Should I Do?

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The process starts with filling out the questionnaire. It is created in order t help the intended parents find the best match in our database. Moreover, it highlights additional egg donor qualifications and featured the couples are willing to know.

  1. Metric data;
  2. Personal data such as family and marital status, as well as biological children;
  3. A detailed description of your appearance and phenotypic signs: height, weight, eyes color and shape, nose shape, overall physique;
  4. Genetic diseases and bad habits, if you have any.
  5. Biological children, if you have them.

After completing the application, the questionnaire our fertility expert checks it. Based on the responses, the expert decides whether or not the potential egg donor meets the necessary requirements.

Personal Meeting

The next step is a personal meeting. If this stage is successfully overcome, the next step will be the mandatory examination of the candidate, which includes:

  • medical examination and consultancy with a geneticist;
  • appointment with a psychiatrist;
  • medical examination with a physician;
  • pelvic organs and mammary gland ultrasound;
  • blood tests;
  • determining antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus, as well as hepatitis B and C ;
  • examination and conclusion of the gynecologist.

After the results of all the studies are ready, the reproduction physician decides whether a particular woman can be an egg donor or not.

It is essential to understand that a specialist evaluates all possible risks to the health of a woman to eliminate any potential complications. If the doctor has doubts egg donor qualifications and health of the candidate, she will get a reject.

The Process – Hormonal Stimulation, Egg Retrieval

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As soon as you get the approval and the intended parents choose you as a donor, the procedure begins.

It starts with the synchronization of donor and recipient menstrual cycles. The donor also undergoes hormonal stimulation of the ovaries so they can produce several eggs during one cycle. Egg donors regularly visit a fertility expert to monitor the growth of the follicles.

Ater that oocytes retrieval takes place. The operation lasts 15-20 minutes under intravenous anesthesia.

Facts You Should Know about Sunshine Egg Donation Program

If you have the necessary egg donor qualifications and decided to choose our agency, here are several facts about Sunshine you should know.

  • Egg donation program does not change the usual course of your life. You can keep on your normal daily routine.
  • No additional actions are needed. We will perform medical examinations and egg retrieval at one of our clinics during your appointments.
  • It does not take much of your time. You will only have to make 2-3 visits to the clinic.
  • Hormonal drugs used for stimulation affect only the current cycle. During the next period, your organism will recover, and you will be able to conceive a child.
  • It makes no harm to your health – if you follow simple recommendations of the doctor, complications risks are lower than 0.5%.
  • Your personal information is anonymous. At the same time, you do not receive information about the potential parents who will use the oocytes.
  • The reward is guaranteed – regardless of the fertilization result.

There are also several important things about the compensation you should know. This information relates to all fertility clinics and agencies and contains average egg donation payment rates.

Egg Donor Compensation

The oocyte donor payment is negotiable. However, it should not be lower than $ 1 000, which is paid on the day of the oocytes collection.

Please note that the clinics can pay a meager compensation to the donor, within $400-700. Therefore, we advise you to apply only to an agency that values ​​its donors and makes fair rewards.

The permissible number of procedures is 2-5 per year. The pauses between egg retrievals should be at least 2-3 menstrual cycles.

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