IVF FAQ – All You Need To Know About In Vitro Fertilisation

May 26, 2019

Sadly, more than 50 million people globally suffer from infertility. Most individuals or couples can become fertile again with well-established therapeutic methods. However, when such less aggressive methods fail or in situations when they are inappropriate, in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be useful. In short, IVF is a reproduction method in which specialists combine an egg and sperm in a laboratory. Thus, fertilization happens outside the body, followed by transfer of the embryo back to the uterus. This article contains the IVF FAQ with the answers that can be useful for you as a donor or future parent. Keep on reading and let`s make the things clear for you.

IVF FAQ – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Let`s proceed with the IVF FAQ itself. Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. They are related to in vitro fertilization, egg donation and other things you should know.

1. What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant When Donor Eggs Are Used?

Sunshine is expanding possibility space for women who have had difficulties conceiving. Via using donor eggs, both fresh and frozen, we enable pregnancy for women struggling to conceive with their own egg. Our pregnancy success rates with donor eggs depend on a woman’s age and are approaching 80%.

2. Is There A Waiting List For A Donor Egg IVF Treatment?

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Unlike many fertility clinics, we do make our donor egg patients join a waiting list. Our Sunshine egg donation agency cycles match either one egg donor to one recipient (sole match donation) or one egg donor to two recipients (shared match donation). Irrespective of a patient’s choice, she can immediately start her IVF treatment and will not have to wait for an egg donor.

Our advantage is having a broad pool of egg donors who are immediately available and fully-screened. If you happen to choose an egg donor who is particularly sought-for, there might be a chance you will have to wait for this specific egg donor to become available. Yet, we aspire to provide our patients with a maximum viable number of options so that they can jump start with their IVF treatment immediately.

3. What Are The Stages Of The Donor Egg IVF Procedure?

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Donor egg recipients are invited to select one or more egg donor candidates whom they find appropriate. One of the egg donors selected will be offered to a donor egg recipient upon her availability and upon completion of all necessary screening. The choice of an egg donor always belongs to the donor egg recipient.

A coordinator at Sunshine responsible for donor egg matching will manage the respective cycles of the egg donor and donor egg recipient to achieve a fresh embryo transfer. Synchronization of cycles suggests using a series of medicines to enable a hospitable environment in the uterus for embryo transfer.

Then, viable eggs obtained in a single donor cycle get inseminated, with all embryos created belonging to the donor egg recipient. If there were more embryos created than the number needed for a safe transfer, it is strongly recommended that the remaining embryos get cryopreserved. These cryopreserved embryos can later be applied in next pregnancy attempts irrespective of the success of the fresh embryo transfer completed.

4. Is Donor Egg IVF Affordable?

Our financial counselors will be happy to explain all the financial options available to you at Sunshine clinic and guide you through your decision process in selecting a program that best suits your needs. To schedule a preliminary appointment online, click on the button below or call us at +7 985 274 68 39, also available via Whatsapp and Wechat.

5. Can I Select Gender Of My Future Child – IVF FAQ?

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Yes. Sunshine collaborates with one of the world’s biggest and most experienced laboratories in Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) area. PGS is a type of prenatal test on early embryos in advance of their implantation into the uterus and pregnancy initiation. PGS is useful not only for Family Balancing (gender selection) but also for genetic disease prevention. A genetic expert at Sunshine will be happy to discuss options regarding the gender selection with you.

6. Will I Have A Manager To Guide Me Through My Donor Egg Treatment?

Yes, you will have a dedicated matching coordinator. The coordinator will guide you through the entire process of donor egg IVF treatment. He/she will also assist you with your logistics and other details. Referred to as “very supportive and compassionate” by our clients, Sunshine matching coordinators will make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

7. I Am An International Donor Egg Recipient. How Many Times Will I Have To Visit Clinic And For How Many Days?

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We only require our donor egg recipients to visit the clinic once or two times maximum. Conditionally on your situation, you will likely be invited to stay with us for 7-10 days. The exact duration of stay will be determined with the help of your matching coordinator.

IVF FAQ Final Words

We hope that this list of IVF FAQ questions most frequently asked by parents and potential donors was helpful. In case, you have some other questions – don`t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide you with expert advice for free.

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