Infertility Depression – How to Overcome and Treat It

Jan 16, 2019

Infertility can definitely cause a person to feel lonely and isolated. It can be extremely frustrating to see others easily start families and have children when you are facing problems. It’s unfortunate, but a lot of couples have to deal with the issue of infertility and their dissatisfaction is real? That`s why in this post we will overview the problem of infertility depression and suggest some possible solutions.

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Can Infertility Lead to Depression?

According to the statistics, the level of anxiousness and depression in women suffering from infertility can be compared to those with cancer, HIV, and heart disease. When it comes to men, they also experience the consequences, such as self-esteem issues and a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression.

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However, due to the fact that infertility is not a disease in common sense, a lot of people find it difficult to understand how it can affect a human being. As a result, people dealing with infertility feel completely misunderstood and isolated, and these are the symptoms of depression.

Can Infertility Medication Cause Depression?

According to the research conducted by Harvard Health, hormones and medications used to treat infertility can cause various adverse reactions. There is the synthetic estrogen, clomiphene citrate. It is a necessary component for drugs for better ovulation, such as Serophene and Clomid. However, this ingredient can cause sleep problems, irritability, anxiety, and mood swings.

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In addition to that, the stress associated with IVF, fertility drugs, doctor appointments, and other responsibilities, can lead to the development of depression. When you cannot know for sure whether your actions will lead to a successful outcome, it’s only natural to experience a lot of anxiety.

For those undergoing IVF several times, the stress is even more overwhelming. 50% of women and 15% of men in 200 couples that were involved in a study reported that infertility was the most frustrating experience of their lives.

Treatment of Infertility Depression

If you think that you may be dealing with the infertility depression, a quiz can help you figure it out. Use it and check any emotional, behavioral, physical, or cognitive signs. Numerous fertility clinics hire mental health specialists to help their clients overcome depression. They can also provide any necessary treatments and support. If a clinic doesn’t have this type of a professional, they may still offer you the names of specialists. It’s a good idea to make sure that a therapist can offer cognitive behavioral therapy. It allows you to develop the skills necessary to deal with despair and any other negative thoughts and feelings.

Infertility is undoubtedly among the most worrying and upsetting experiences a person can go through, whether alone or in a couple. Having support, both on the professional and personal levels is extremely important when dealing with such challenges.

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