Donor Egg Baby – How to Truly Accept Your Child

Jan 16, 2019

The moment has come; you were finally able to become pregnant through an IVF procedure with the help of an egg donor. You can already imagine holding a new-born baby in your arms. However, some unpleasant thoughts might begin to creep into your mind. Is it really my baby? Wouldn’t having a donor egg baby be just like raising an adopted child?

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Things to Remember when Raising a Donor Egg Baby

Many people find themselves asking similar questions, which is why we have created this article to address them and put your mind at ease.

It Is Your Love that Brought this Baby into this World

You and your partner are the only reason why this baby will be born. The baby might not share your genes, but this baby boy or girl owes his or her life to you. You will always remember this fact and there is nothing in the world that feels as good as the knowledge that you were the sole reason for creating a new life.

You Greatly Influence the Genes of Your Future Child

Many people feel a sense of loss, knowing that their child is not genetically related to them and thus, they were unable to ‘pass their genes to the next generation’. However, this kind of thinking is very superficial. Yes, your genes might not have been passed on. However, you are still in full control of whose genes your baby will have.

If one of your friends, who you really like, will be willing to become your egg donor, you will ensure that your baby will have high chances of having a great personality, high intellect, and healthy habits. Same can be said about egg donors. You have a whole range of people to choose from and even talk to them to find out what are they like.

It Is You Who Will Give Birth to Your Child

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Ultimately, it is your body that will be home to your child. It is your body that will provide all the nourishment, protection, and warmth that your child needs. Thus, you will not just be his or her mother in name but in actual reality.

Those Who Raise a Child Are His or Her True Parents

Yes, genes play a paramount role in the development and future of your child, but you will be the person who shapes your child’s future. Just like an artisan shapes a block of marble into a marvelous statue. You will create a whole host of memories together. Thus, the impact that you will have on your child’s future should never be underestimated.

Final Words

A great number of women have successfully gone through an IVF procedure with the help of our agency and have had zero regrets about using the services of an egg donor. Once you take a look at your child for the very first time, all your doubts and misgivings will fade away and will be replaced with wonder and love.

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