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18 Year Old Egg Donors – All You Need to Know about the Process

calendar November 1, 2019 user eye 7504

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18 Year old donors are welcome to join the Sunshine IVF program. This post will help you better understand how it works and send the application request if you are fully ready for it.  More than that, you will see the necessary egg donor qualifications and requirements, as well as the financial payment for the program. Additionally, this will be helpful for intended parents who are looking for a perfect 18 year old egg donors. 

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18 Year Old Egg Donors Can Help

If you are ready to help someone become happy parents – becoming an oocyte donor is for you.

According to the statistics, every fifth couple has fertility issues. More and more couples are forced to seek specialists` help. Many women cannot become pregnant because of poor quality or lack of oocytes in the ovaries. In such cases, only the donor egg can help them conceive and give birth to a long-awaited baby. That’s why, right now, you can help these families feel the happiness of becoming parents!

Can You Become an Egg Donor at 18? 

You can become an egg donor and help infertile couples if:

  • Your age is from 18 to 32 years. We invite egg donors starting from 18 years old. 
  • You have no chronic, gynecological or genetic diseases.
  • You have a healthy physique and BMI (there is neither excess nor weight gain).
  • You didn’t have surgery on your breasts and ovaries.
  • You are not sick with hepatitis A or diabetes.
  • You are a non-smoker.
  • You want to help other people become happy parents.

What Are the Advantages of Egg Donation Program?

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Becoming an egg donor at Sunshine IVF gives you a number of benefits, as follows. 

  1. Extra income. By completing the program, you guaranteed will be rewarded, regardless of fertilization results.
  2. Free medical examination. The clinic conducts a thorough diagnosis of the future donor organism for free.
  3. Convenient schedule. The oocyte donation program does not change your usual schedule – doctor appointments are compatible with the main job or education.
  4. Save time. The duration of the program for 18 year old egg donors is 3 weeks. However, during that time, you will make just 4-5 visits to the doctor.
  5. Safety. If you follow all the recommendations, the risks of complications are minimal. The risk reduces to 0.1 %.

You can get detailed information using phone-call, WeChat or Whatsapp with your consultant at +1 213 423 0531

Why Choose Sunshine Egg Donation? 

Sunshine is one of the biggest international IVF agencies. We have been working in the field of reproductive technology and IVF for more than 10 years. More than 1000 donors already trust us and help future parents all around the world.

egg donors from sunshine fertility

Our doctors are qualified specialists. Each of them has tremendous work experience. By contacting us and fulfilling all the appointments of our gynecologists, you reduce the risk of complications and take care of your health at the same time. 

You will receive a financial reward of $1000, on average. The payment grows if the previous IVF cycle was successful. Thus you will get more with the new round. 

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On the retrieval day, we provide you with food,  all possible medications and a hospital ward where you can have a rest to prevent any complications.

We understand your desire to maintain confidentiality, so we guarantee it.

We appreciate your desire to help and do everything to make you feel confident and protected.

How Much Do 18 Year Old Egg Donors Get Paid? 

The financial compensation for participating in the oocyte donation program at Sunshine is $1000 on average. You will receive this amount to your bank account after the procedure.

How to Start – a Step-by-Step Guide

Getting started with your first IVF program can be quite thrilling. However, we at Sunshine did all possible to make it easy and hassle-free for all 18 year old egg donors. Let`s go through these simple steps together!

1. Send an application request and talk to the consultant

Call or write our manager at +1 213 423 0531 and make sure you meet the criteria. Send us answers to the fundamental questions about your appearance, personality, and health. We will need them to add to your profile, see the example of data below. 

egg donors profile and general information

2. Appointment – your first visit to the doctor

During your first visit to the clinic, you will receive all the necessary information about further actions, medical tests. It’s just the first talk to the doctor to make sure you know what will happen next. You will also meet the law consultant, who will explain the legal side of the procedure and answer all your questions

secondary infertility treatment

3. Stimulation program

If a couple chooses you for the program – the real journey starts! You will have to go through the ovary stimulation and egg retrieval

The program is to stimulate the maturation of several eggs in the ovary. To do this, you will need to undergo a course of medication, after which doctors will retrieve the eggs. This procedure takes place in the clinic with the use of anesthesia.

5. Financial reward

5-7 days after the procedure, you will receive monetary compensation for participating in an egg donation program.

Questions and Answers for 18 Year Old Egg Donors

Questions and Answers

Can I Get Pregnant after Egg Donation Program? When Will It Happen?

You can become pregnant in the next cycle after the program. The program doesn’t influence your ovarian reserve. Doctors retrieve the eggs, which could get mature during one period. Therefore, in a month, you will return to regular ovulation and can get pregnant in a natural way. 

Interesting fact! We strongly recommend egg donors not to have unprotected sex 1 month after the retrieval, because they are extremely fertile during this time. Yes, even though doctors make retrieval, some mature eggs stay there and women can easily get pregnant right away. If you don’t want to get pregnant right after the retrieval, make sure to use condoms up to your next period.

Will I Gain Weight in the Course of the Program?

You will not get any excess weight during the egg donation program. Actually, the drugs stimulate egg maturation and do not have any influence on weight. You can feel a little beet bloating like before your period, but no more than that. 

Can I Have any Complications during the Program?

There are complication instances. However, their percentage is quite small, less than 0.1%. Moreover, if you strictly follow the recommendations of doctors and medical staff, they should not threaten you.

How Many Times Can I Be an Egg Donor?

You can participate in the program up to six times. 6-8 Times is the maximal amount of retrievals you can undergo during your whole life in different countries. 

When Is the Next Time I Can Participate in the Program?

18 Year old egg donors can participate in the next egg donation program 3 menstrual cycles after the previous egg retrieval. It is to help the organism fully recover and avoid any complications. 

How Long Does the Whole Course Take?

This question is very individual. The stimulation and retrieval itself take no more than 2 weeks. However, if all the tests are in the norm, and you do not need to take extra medications before joining the program, the average duration is 3 months. It is the time from your first visit to the clinic until full financial compensation.

Does It Hurt? Will I Feel Pain?

The only surgical procedure is egg retrieval. However, it takes place with the use of anesthesia with the help of a thin needle. Therefore, you might feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt. 

Who Will Use the Eggs I Donate?

Those can be women that can`t get pregnant and feel the happiness of being a mother in a natural way. Disfunction or removal of ovaries, low ovarian reserve or other malfunctions makes it impossible to produce their eggs.

Another group of people who need your help is single men and gay couples who can have their dream babies only through surrogacy and egg donation. 

What Documents Do I Need to Become an Egg Donor?

You need to bring your ID and fill out the initial application form. If you already have your own kids – it would be great if you also bring their birth certificates. Couples prefer egg donors who already have their own healthy kids. 

Am I Guaranteed Privacy?

We guarantee your privacy protection. A couple that receives donor eggs sign an agreement that they will not make any attempt to find the donor and share the donor’s information. They usually know only the general information about the donor, such as height, weight, hair and eye color, education, blood type.

What if I Am Not Chosen for a Program?

When a couple reaches us, they look through the database and choose egg donors according to their appearance and background information. If you are not chosen during the first few months it just means that there were no appropriate matches. Don`t worry, the invitation can be quite unexpected and happen at any time. More than that, you are just 18 and some couples might want an older donor with experience and kids. In any case, you will have a lot of time to find the match and participate, the first enrolment is the hardest one.

If you have any additional questions related to the program participation – contact our consultants using phone calls or messages. 

Free consultancy

18 Year Old Egg Donors Database for Intended Parents

If you would like to choose an egg donor, who is 18 years old – check our database or send us a request with your preferences. The consultancy is free and we will do our best to pick the best donor according to your appearance and personality preferences.

18 year old egg donors

Browse Database

We hope that this article was helpful both for 18 year old egg donors who are planning to participate in their first program and intended parents. Comment below or send us messages for any details. We are always here to help your dream family become a reality and make your story successful!

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